Monday, June 20, 2011

An update...

Random fact: My current favorite.
So, even though nobody really reads this blog, I thought I'd keep it well updated for my approaching time in Germany. That way, I can share my experience with whoever may be interested...

2 words: It's coming.

In 16 days I'll be (Lord willing) boarding on a plane heading Europewards. First to Lisbon, in Portugal (they have a funny accent :-D) and then off to München, or Munich, as most of you know it. I've got some mixed thoughts and feelings in relation to leaving. Now that I'm officially done teaching, I have all this free time that is heavily being used to spend time with my family, improve my German and take my daily pictures. It's very nice to be able to get some rest after all that school work, but boy does time slow down when you're not working! I guess you can tell I'm excited. Very excited, as a matter of fact.

Some other friends of mine will be showing up here soon so it will be great to see them again and change my currently established routine :-).

Things I need to do before I leave:
1. Eat açaí in a bowl again. You poor poor people who have never tried this amazing piece of Heaven. Highly recommended to anyone coming to Brazil.
2. Go to Recife and take pictures of the old part of town. It's beautiful.
3. Maybe go to a steak house again? That sounds lovely.
4. Pack.

I guess that's it for now!

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  1. Hey dude, I ALWAYS read your posts..And I love it btw... I wanna go w u to do the nº 1,2,3 and I can help on nº 4 on the list as well haha...